T-Rex Birth Announcement

T-Rex Wall Hanging - Free Crochet Pattern

These days wall hangings seem to be incredibly popular. They pop up all over social media, well maybe just mine because I love following weavers and crochet wall hanging artists. I have wanted to make a crochet wall hanging for some time now but didn’t know exactly know what I wanted. I also recently remembered that I managed to make a cross stitch birth announcement for my 2 oldest kids so I now needed one for my youngest. Cue cross stitch crochet wall hanging idea! This project has changed many times since my original idea and my first wall hanging now hangs in J’s bedroom in his recently painted bedroom colors. He loves it and I love it. Now just 2 more to make!

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Pattern may be used for personal use including to make and sell items with this pattern but do not use my pictures for your listing and do not republish or distribute this pattern in any way. Please share the link to my blog if you’d like to share my pattern.

T-Rex Wall Hanging - Free Crochet Pattern

This written pattern is available for free here on my blog, if you’d like a PDF version which has been formatted for quick reading and easy printing with no ads, you can purchase that by clicking on one of the buttons below.

Materials Needed:


· Color A: Bernat Super Value, Lush, 68g/147yds

· Color B: Phentex Worsted, Tangerine, 68g/148yds

· Color C: Red Heart Super Value, Soft Navy, 21g/39yds

· Color D: Red Heart Super Value, Hunter Green, 19g/35yds

· Color E: Craftsmart Value, Purple, 15g/28yds


· wooden dowel

· 3.50mm hook

· Scissors

· Tapestry Needle


16.5 sc and 19 rows = 4 inches

Stitches Key:

sc – single crochet

ch/s – chain/s

st/s – stitch/es


Finished wall hanging (excluding tassels) is 12 ½” by 21 ½”


·         ch 1, turn at the end of every row

·         each cross stitch ‘X’ will be stitched as an X that is 1 stitch wide and 2 rows high, see tutorial here

·         each line on the graph is stitched as a back stitch, see tutorial here

·         stitch any ‘.’ as a french knot

Step 1:

Write out the information needed to fill in your wall hanging. [img 1]

a)      First name

b)      Middle name

c)       Date of birth

d)      Weight

e)      Length

f)       Time of birth


**Double and triple check your information, and your spelling**

img 1

Step 2:

Using imgs 3-7, calculate how many stitches WIDE each letter is (you will not be adjusting the length/height of the fabric), adding 1 stitch for each space between letters and 2 stitches for a space between words. [img 2] Tally up the stitch count for each.

img 2

It may be helpful to draw it out on graph or dot paper if you’re a visual person.


a)      First name (img 3 & 4)

b)      Middle name (img 3 & 4)

img 3
img 4

c)       Date of birth (img 5) [add an extra stitch between each portion of the date for a ‘.’ to separate the numbers]

img 5

d)      Weight (img 6 & 7)

e)      Length (img 6 & 7)

f)       Time of birth (img 6 & 7)

img 6
img 7

[my example font is a tad different than shown in imgs 6 & 7, I decided to adjust it for a smaller font after I’d finished my example, just follow what’s shown in the graph]

Step 3:

Now add 8 stitches to each of your a-c total stitches, for spacing and the border.


Now add 24 stitches to each of your d-f total stitches, for the dinosaur, spacing and the borders.


Whichever stitch count is the HIGHEST (of all 6 stats) is now your total fabric width.


My largest stitch count was 49 so I just did 50 for an even number [img 8]

img 8

Step 4:

Time to crochet your fabric.


Using color A

ch your total fabric width + 1 (my fabric was ch 51)


Row 1-100: sc across (your total fabric width)

Fasten off, weave in ends

Step 5:

Stitch on your information following the chart in img 9 (your width spacing may be different depending on your fabric width. Just be sure to center all your info on the lines)


Color B: First name & Date of birth

Color C: Middle name & dashed lines for the borders

Color D: T-Rex

Color E: Weight, length, and time of birth

img 9

Step 6:

Block your fabric, this step is optional but I highly recommend doing it


Click here for a link to a tutorial on how to block your fabric

Step 7:

Trim your dowel to be a tad wider than your fabric, mine needed to be 14”


Attach your fabric to your dowel, you can do this by sewing through every other stitch and securing it around the dowel.


Attach a string to the top of your dowel for hanging, be sure to secure your knots.

Step 8:

Attach your bottom tassels and trim.


You can add one straight row of a color, or a mix of all your colors, or two rows of tassels, different lengths of tassels, etc. Your options are endless.


I attached my first row of tassels {5 strands per tassel), using color B, to the starting chain in approximately every other chain at a trimmed length of 13 ½”. [img 10]

img 10

I then attached a second row of tassels (5 strands per tassel) around row 1, and between the first set of tassels, using colors C-E and trimming them to a “V” shape. The shortest edge of my V is 8 ½” and the longest part is 11 ½”. [img 11]

img 11

T-Rex Wall Hanging - Free Crochet Pattern

Pattern may be used for personal use including to make and sell items with this pattern but do not use my pictures for your listing and do not republish or distribute this pattern in any way. Please share the link to my blog if you’d like to share my pattern.